Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Powder Reviews from Haul

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The Chanel was probably the second most coverage after the Dior. It was very silky and soft. I really like the compact because it is larger and it has a very big mirror. I also like the Chanel because you can just buy refills for the compact and the refills are only $40. It offered medium coverage for my skin and it was very easy to apply. The color I purchased is a little off though; I am going to exchange it today.

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The YSL powder is really soft and silky . I love the tiny gold compact too. But the powder was very sheer. It would be a good finishing powder or to get rid of oil and shine but I wouldn't use it as a foundation powder. It was very nice and soft on my skin though.

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I really liked the Dior powder a lot. Out of the 4 powders it gave the most coverage. I really didn't like the compact though. It is hard to open and hard to use. The Dior powder is great though. It is sooooooo silky and is goes on so smooth.

I really have nothing good to say about the powder. I love the case it comes in but the powder was not good. It was grainy and course when I touched it. It gave medium coverage but it clung to every piece of dry skin on my face (from the Obagi). I will never buy this powder again.

The Dior was my favorite powder, but I disliked the compact enough that I wouldn't buy it. The Chanel was my next favorite because the compact is the best and the powder was pretty good. My third favorite is the YSL because it was just too sheer for what I was looking for in a powder. And the Fresh powder comes last because I just really didn't like the powder; it was grainy.

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  1. I definately like the Dior the best too on you!!!You look really nice in it. I think I will buy it now. THANKS!!! +___+ Good review