Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Frosting for Decoden

Pastry Decorating Tips- WalMart:
These are a MUST HAVE for detailed projects. If you want to get the real look of frosting you have to invest in a set of these. Don't use 100% silicone with the pastry tips because you wont be able to wash the silicone out when you are done. If I must use silicone sealant I wait until it dries in the tip and then I peel it out (Tedious and not worth the trouble).

Silicone Sealant -WalMart:
I love the way this looks as frosting because it is very white and smooth. I don't use it for large projects because silicone attracts dirt like a magnet. I do use it to fill some Kawaii pastries I make. Another bad thing about silicone sealant is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to wash it off. If you get it on your hands while it is wet you can't get it off. Water just does not work with silicone. Once it is dry you can peel it off.

Power Point Latex, Acrylic & Silicone Sealant:
This is my favorite frosting to use because it is very detailed and it is smooth enough to use with a pastry decorating tip.

Spackle...I love the name:
Buy it at Wal-Mart or any hardware store. I don't use it very often because it is really thick, much too thick to squeeze out of a pastry bag. Also it crumbles and I do not like that. But it does have it's place as a frosting, I just have not decided where yet. :)

Puffy Paint - Walmart/craft stores:
Puffy paint is a good frosting for some things. It is much too wet to use in a pastry bag. It wont keep its shape very well because it is too wet. Like the Spackle, it has its place as a frosting but I don't know where!


  1. This is SOO great!!!!!!! thanks for the tutorial. is the powerpoint latex stuff toxic at all? i read on some other deko den boards that silicone can be bad for you or something but this one looks alot better. I love your cake tips. thanks alot for showing this ^____^

  2. Neither the silicone or the powerpoint sealant should be eaten. They both have the potential to be toxic, but only if you ingest a large amount.

    Hope that helps! I hope your projects come out good.

  3. this is fantastic! im thinking of doing decoden, and this is so helpful.

  4. Just FYI, puffy paint is great for doing drippy frosting or melted chocolate, and it's also great for really small details (i.e., little puffy dots, patterns etc). Nail polis can also work for syrups and glazes and have infinite variety, but far less control than puffy paint. Matte topcoat Polish can also be used if you like the texture of 100% acrylic, but not the shinyness.