Friday, September 10, 2010

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Cream Liners

This item was purchased by me at Wal-mart yesterday. It was only $9 or $10 so I wanted to give it a try (especially since it came with 3 colors). It says "24 hour wear" on the box and I have been wearing the black all day today with no issues. It glides on very smooth and it a little too soft of a gel in my opinion, but it works. It applies light and you add layers until it is as dark or thick as you want.

Comes with a brush (I don't use it) and the 3 colors are blue,Brown, and black. The black has little blue glitter in it, but you can hardly tell once it is applied.


  1. Thanks for this tutorial. What foundation do you use?

  2. I am not wearing any foundation in this review but I usually wear Dinair airbrush foundation.

  3. You look AMAZING in this!!!!! I don't like felt at ALL!!! I like BRUSH eyeliner for sure.