Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Camping

I had so much fun camping with MBH and the puppy. We went up to the mountains and found this secluded spot surrounded by giant boulders. It was great, but the air was SO SO SOOOOOO DRY!! MBH and I would wake up every morning and our throats would be painfully dry. And I forgot to bring lotion so that was pretty miserable. I love camping.

I was good and I did my Obagi every morning and evening. It was hard without a mirror :/ I can't believe I forgot a mirror. At night I would heat water up to wash my face because it was really cold.
Baron (the puppy) was so funny. Every afternoon he would force himself inside the tent so he could sleep on the air mattress lol. We would go in to check on him and he would be dead asleep on our bed. Is it bad that on our next camping trip I am going to buy him his own air mattress to sleep on lol?! I think I spoil him.

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