Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Collagen Supplements After 1 Month

I purchased these Collagen supplements at Wal-Mart a month ago and I will be posting an update every month for 3 months. So far I have seen a difference in my hair. My hair seems a lot softer but that could be the other vitamins as well. My nails are great though. My toe nails are very weak most of the time but they are so strong right now. My skin is soft and radiant but I don't know if it is because of this stuff or my other routines. After one month I think it is making small changes, but I am not really sure if it is due to this or a pre-natal vitamin I started taking (I'm not preggers).


  1. Collagen supplements also allegedly maintain the skin's evenness of tone and texture, as well as suppleness, elasticity and radiance.

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  2. When evaluating Collagen Supplements, look for those scientifically tested for its intended benefit.