Thursday, June 10, 2010

Making Molds

Random pic of my puppy
Today my silicone will arrive so I can make molds for cabochons. I also bought more resin clay to play around with. I want to Deco another phone case, but this time with frosting and candies. I want to turn my phone into one big cake.

Yesterday night my dance class was great :) Learned a new pole spin that was pretty tiring. My shoulders are sore today but other than that I feel good. I might meet the hubbs this afternoon for a baseball game, but no plans on that yet. I was so dehydrated last night; I am just starting to recover.

It's pretty awesome that summer time is so fabulous here in CO. There is never a dull moment. I guess the summer makes up for the 7 months of freezing cold weather. I do NOT like the cold at all so the winter was pretty rough on me. I am a desert girl so hot summers and somewhat mild winters were all I knew. I think with time I may get used to it because the summers are definitely worth the torture of winter.

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