Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bloody Sunday - U2

Not really bloody just HOT :). So anyhooooo today has been beautiful. We took Baron to the dog park and then we picked up tickets to the Electric Daisy Carnival!!!! The carnival is basically like a rave with carnival rides, so I am really excited. And we found a fantastic part of town to buy some cute things. It was like Vietnam town instead of China town. I think I will be visiting that part of town a lot now. The only thing was that it was really expensive :( which is never a good thing. I would never pay $30 for something I can get on ebay for $10, even if it was an adorable Juju Chan pillow..........

Now I am sitting here getting ready to make my nails Kawaii! Hmmmm what to do....what to do..... I think I will just put lots of little gems on them. Maybe some flowers.

Well I decided to just stick everything and anything on haha. I like them, when I have more energy I will be more creative.

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