Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obagi Nu-Derm Week 12 PICTURES!!

So I just took some pictures of my face with NOTHING on it so you can see the difference from 12 weeks ago. Just click on the pictures to make them larger.
This picture down here was the hyper-pigmentation on the side of my lip. It is a lot lighter and my complexion it more even. Although it has only lightened a little bit, I am positive that after a few more months it will be gone completely. If I have these results after only 12 weeks I can't imagine what my skin is going to look like a year or 2 down the road.


  1. Wow! Your skin looks great! I am getting more and more interested in this Obagi skin care line.

  2. Wow amazing improvement :D This stuff actually works...and you look amazing :)


  3. Hey Sarah

    Wow your skin looks amazing and you are so beautiful :) I have a couple of questions and would be so grateful if you can reply.

    Do you think it's a good idea to apply it on my whole face? Because I only really have the spots/acne on my cheeks, but I feel like treating my whole face.

    And also, how were you able to use makeup (foundation/powder) along with these Obagi products?


  4. Hi Jenny
    Thank you!
    I actually only started Obagi because a little spot by my lips that I wanted to lighten. The products work in conjunction with each other so using them all over the face is probably the best way. BUT I am not a professional so that is just my opinion. I definitely recommend using the Obagi on your whole face because its such an amazing skin care line. For a few weeks I could not wear makeup because it would make my flaky skin stand out more. Once my skin started adjusting to the Obagi I could use makeup because I wasnt flaky (2-4 weeks).

  5. thanks for the reply pretty lady!


  6. congrats on getting to 12 weeks - your skin looks amazing!! i just started using the product line and am on my 4th day and already am peeling around my mouth and forehead, etc. i'm assuming that it will get worse before it gets better but am anticipating the results as i've heard very good things about the product and my doctor told me that she thinks i will be pleased w/the results.
    did you notice the peeling immediately - like within 4/5 days into the regime?
    any helpful hints??
    thanks sarah - keep up the good work ;-)

  7. HEY your blog is awesome :) And I'm half Asian too! lol.

    I just have a really quick question, not to bother you at all.

    Did you apply tretinoin at night along with the other products? Because I was told to do so, but the online manual says to wait 20 minutes after cleansing and apply it alone. So I'm a little confused.

    Thanks so much :)))


  8. 39.5 - Hi! Within the first 4-6 days I noticed my skin being VERY dry and I could see flakes on it but I was not peeling very heavily yet. Good luck with Obagi!!!

    Sandy - Welcome to my blog! :) I do apply the tretinoin only at night mixed with the blender. I use a pea size of the blender and a pea size of the tretinoin and I mix them in my hand before applying to my face. Those were the instructions told to me by my professional and I have not had any problems with this method :)

  9. Hi Sarah! Your skin looks GREAT! Thank you so much for blogging your way through the Obagi system. I am going to start in a few weeks so Im looking for all the info I can get. I was just wondering what the strength of your trentinoin was and if it was a generic or brand name. Thanks! What is your maintenance program like?

  10. Hi, I just started the Obagi Nu-derm 6 days ago. I'm peeling on the chin area, and other areas now too, but most noticeable around the chin. I need a lot of encouragement because I feel like a "freak" right now. lol... So thank you so much for your very detail blog. I will read it every day to encourage me.

  11. A - I am so sorry you are at that stage of this routine. It will definitely suck and probably get a little worse. BUT it WILL get better and be 100% worth it in the end. I was very self conscious about my skin during this stage, but now when I look back I would have it not other way. I ADORE what Obagi did for my skin and if I had to go through the pain, redness, and peeling all over again I would do it in a second! Good luck!!!

  12. Sarah, I must ditto what anonymous said on Feb. 23rd, 2011. I too have just started (day 3) the Obagi nu-derm and I am frightened!! But your weekly updates are such a great resource and inspiration. I am so thankful that you took the time to do this. I am 50 years old (ugh!!) and it is about time that I start working on my skin. You are precious and I wish you all the best!

  13. Hi all, I'm on my 14th day today. My first post was "Anonymous 2/23/11". I have been keeping a journal to keep track of my Obagi journey. I believe I peeled my first layer of skin a few days ago. It was all over my face except the edges of the face that was harder to peel- like the area near the hairline and my jawline. I had expected the absolute worse, but so far, it hasn't been all that bad. I don't usually break out, but I did have one white head/pimple appear on my lower jaw line, but it cleared up pretty quickly. Now, I have another small one on my right side smile line. But it should go away soon. Every day I peel...most notieably around my mouth. But I only peels towards the evening when I get off work--especially during dinner!
    I peel sometimes during lunch, but I carry a tweezer with me and take off the really huge noticeable pieces off so I don't look so scary if I'm at work. Otherwise, it is manageable. I was stinging for a few days during the 1 1/2 week mark. It's still stings a little, but not bad anymore. It's only two weeks, but all my dark spots are totally lighten up where I can't even see it anymore without straining. I have a few stubborn one that is still there, but the majority of it is gone. I never thought I could go to work without makeup, but for the last few days, I liked my face. I found myself admiring my naked face the day after my first big peel a few days ago. I have a feeling I'm going to like my outcome. I can't wait!!!! My husband is doing it with me. I didn't want to look ugly alone so he's on the train with me..but he started a few days after me. He doesn't have any bad side effects either except peelings here and there....He said shaving helped his flakes at the mouth area. Since both of us are sharing one kit, I think I'm going to order another kit soon...our supplies is going fast with two of us.

  14. Sarah, some people complained about getting a white ring around their mouth because we don't apply products near the lips. Did you have that issue? I noticed that the other day, and now, I'm applying the Clear closer to my lips now. I don't want that white ring around my lips. It's not really noticeable to others, but I noticed that when I read that comment somewhere.

  15. I did not get a white ring around my mouth at all.

    I love hearing about your stories everyone!!! Thank you for giving me feedback on how you think about this.

    I have posted OBAGI updates on youtube
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  16. HEy Sarah, I just wanted to thank you for your detailed blogs, pictures and videos! They are really helping me to know what to expect and since i'm not very patient I am watching them a lot to give me a sense of what's ahead! I'm half asian and it helps seeing someone with similar skin. You look amazing! I have a lot of light hyper pigmentation all over my cheeks, chin and eyelids so seeing the progress your has made is awesome! Thanks again. You look even more beautiful now if that's possible! odessa

  17. Hi. I have just started obaji nu derm and am on my fifth day. Peeling everywhere like a monster.... I am Asian with warm skin tine and have some hyperpigmetation and discolouring. Have good skin but want better. X what do you do to maintain the lightness, as if or when I get lighter I would like to keep it that way. Also, have I got t worry about bad skin or wrinkles after using this product. Ie in the long run. Culd anyone help answer if they know, and Sarah too. X

  18. Hi, I hope you are doing great :-) I have NO idea if thi message will make it to you or not, and I'm sure you've notes this somewhere along the way already, but can you please tell me if you use(d) the Obagi Nu Derm or the Condition and Enhance version? Thank you soo much, and congratulations with your BEAUTIFUL success. Your videos are crazy helpful!


  19. I used the Obagi Nu Derm. It wasn't the enhanced or condition.

    1. Thank you soo much for your fast reaponse, that is so kind! Thank you again, and take care!

    2. Where did you buy obagi?
      What site?
      My email is

  20. Hi.

    I have been on Obagi Nu Derm for 7 weeks now and my hyperpigmentation has reduced significantly, i.e., 30% - 50%. I would like to know whether the hyperpigmentation on the right side of your lip went away completely eventually ? if it does, how many weeks did it take ?

    Thank you,