Friday, October 8, 2010

Deadmau5 & Skrillex

O-M-G guys. Last night I had so much fun (minus the couple next to us who were basically getting it on). Last night I went to see Deadmau5 and Skrillex and they were both amazing. Mau5 was really great, he killed it. I had never heard of Skrillex until last night but I really liked him. He is a cute little guy with lots of energy on stage. AH I danced a lot but I was not feeling all too good so I spent the last hour of the show sitting down :( lame I know.

This wasted couple next to us were annoying. The guy was spraying people with water so a chick threw her beer at him, unfortunately I happened to be right next to him so I got soaked. They were also stripping each other and trying to touch us so we had to push them away a lot. To make the matter worse I think they were like 16 or 17.

BUT I was THRILLED with how my makeup held up throughout the night. I used my Dinair for contour, foundation, and blush. I was dancing A LOT and it was super hot but my makeup stayed perfectly in place. I was really impressed with my foundation because usually when it gets wet it will wipe off easily, but sweating didn't do anything to it. I wore lots of makeup last night and really long lashes so I kind of looked like a drag queen lol. I took this pic at the end of the night AFTER I was dancing, sweating, having beer thrown on me, and it was very hot.

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome night despite the two immature idiots. I am going to have to try airbrushing. Your make-up looks awesome after all that!