Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How To Be A Himegyaru

1) Big Hair! Get ready for those tangles girl because you are going to tease the daylights out of your hair! Tease tease tease, hair spray, then tease. Don't forget to add a hair bow or flower.

2) Ruffles are a girl's best friend! When you are looking for clothes, keep an eye out for ruffles. Ruffles are delicate and very appropriate for a Hime. If you find a cheap simple dress you can easily sew your own ruffles on.
3) Porcelain Doll face. You will need to wear LOTS of makeup to turn your face into porcelain. Accentuate the eyes with faux eyelashes and makeup, doll like eyes are the key.

4) You are a PRINCESS so act like it! Manners and grace. Practice your poise and practice that dreamy eye look.

5) ACCESSORIES! Gold, designer, pink, fluffy, sparkley, pearls.........just SOME of the things you should accessorize you outfit with.

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