Sunday, November 7, 2010


This post is really late but I have been waiting to get my pictures back. I was a Naiad for Halloween and it was a really risky costume that I put together. I was basically walking around with flowers pasted over my lady parts. I LOVED my costume though. The most expensive part was the 44 inch long blue wig O-M-G I LOVE that wig! I would wear it 100% of the time if it didn't make me look insane lol. I got a lot of special treatment because of it too, which is always fun. Anyways my inspiration came from Petrilude on youtube. I saw his video and I HAD to be a Nymph for Halloween.

So what were you guys for Halloween?!!!!!


  1. OMG you are soooo skinny! I HATE you! LOL!!! Can I ask what size you wear in jeans? What's your favorite jeans?
    Cool costume! What's a naiad? You look like such a cute wood nymph with the leaves and flowers and branches!! Totally great costume and you totaly pulled it off!!!! Your my new hero! I am excited about your new blog!! What made you change it? Kawaiicrush is super cute!! ^_____^

  2. Tiffany you are so cute!! I wear a size 27 in jeans most of the time. I fluctuate in weight a lot so usually size 5-7 in junior denim as well.

    A Naiad is a fresh water nymph. I just wanted a change so I decided to change the blog. I felt like the kawaiicrush was a great start and now I have a clearer direction on where I want my blog to go. :)What were you for Halloween?

  3. You are CRAZY small!! I am a 29, but I want to be a 25! What do you do for working out? Do you still do your pole from your earlier posts? I can't wait for your new blog. That's cool you have a new ides for your blog too!!! I was Alice from Alice in Wonderland! ^_____^

  4. Oh gosh I fluctuate a lot with my weight though. I am a certified personal trainer so I can really say that it is 80%-90% diet and the rest is exercise. I wish I was a 25 Oh gosh that would be fantastic. I don't think my body is naturally capable of becoming that tiny though :( I WISH!

  5. That is so cool that your a fitness trainer! You for sure look it!! What a great job!! What kind of exercises do you recommend? What diet do you recommend? Would you terribly mind emailing me?! My email is I would TOTALLY appreciate any tips or advice!!! ^_____^

  6. Your naiad costume inspired me so much... I love the makeup and wig.